Collection: Kaser

Born and raised in the late early 90ies in Berlin, I got in touch with graffiti when I was 12 and developed a passion for lines and colors in my early years. This passion lead me to study architecture, where I learned techniques, perspective drawing, light and shadow, workflows and conceptual thinking. Full of creativity I am painting on paper, canvases and walls after my daily job as an architect.

Whether it’s a wall with my crew N3M (New 3rd eye Movement) in the sunlight, or a sheet of paper at home on a rainy day, I spew forth art incessantly. ⁣I‘m a graffhead and i love shaping letters, but also characters and conceptual projects with the synergy of collaboration. I always focus on getting better with precision, linework and cleanliness. Constantly trying out new approaches, color schemes and effects, cause I got bored by my art so fast that I'm always looking for the next challenge to do. ⁣Influenced by everything around me, I believe that all of life is art in and of itself, expressed through emotions, and everyone is free to interpret that art as they see it.⁣

I had the pleasure to paint in different location the last decade which includes countries like Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Kosovo, Thailand, Germany, Austria and Czech Republik,